[Resolved]: Bad News - Delta 66 card is dead

It happened when I unplugged the cable from my M-Audio Omni I/O Studio (didn’t unplug the end at the computer) and moved the computer downstairs. Gentle, no bumps. The hardware is found by Windows, but the Delta install Wizard says it’s not there.

I’ve just spent about 3 hours troubleshooting - starting/restarting, downloading drivers, etc.
I even opened the computer and pushed the card in firmly. I didn’t take it completely out to push it in, that’s the only thing I can think of I didn’t do. But the PCI cable was attached when I moved the computer, and it felt firm when I pushed it in, I don’t really think that’s the issue.

I was going to go on line and purchase another Delta 66 card, amazingly they are still being sold … at the risk that something is wrong with the breakout box itself and I might find myself with a card I don’t need …

Not really ever been in this position, just thought I’d check in and see if people thought that was a decent idea at this point?

Thanks -

Try removing the card uninstall your drivers then restart the machine so I reads that its not connected…shut down then re-fit and install your drivers…might work?

hope you get it working again.

andyath - your post >> it’s working!! :smiley:

Your post got me thinking that maybe it was the order of booting up that was making a difference. In my upstairs bedroom studio, the Delta box always powered up first, then I booted up the computer.

After reading your post it got me thinking that maybe for some inexplicable reason that wasn’t OK any more. So, I booted up the computer, THEN turned on the Delta box. And everything was fine!

I have no idea about why what worked well for about 10 years stopped working when I unplugged the 15 pin D-sub cable from the breakout box. But I’m very happy now … thanks again!

Good stuff


Following up - when I do the “Run Simulation” test in the “ASIO Multimedia Setup”, I see I only have the option of checking or unchecking “Global Settings” >> “Card Options” >> “Use 16-bit only”. Well my card is a 24-bit card, but when I uncheck the 16-bit option, there is no 24-bit option - only a 32-bit one! That predictably doesn’t work with my card.

I think I’m almost out of these weeds - should I be concerned that I can’t run my Simulation at 24 bits?

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What asio driver do you have selected in devices it should be the delta one yeh?
Sounds like your trying to test the multimedia driver for cubase their.

Dont worrie about the test just use your cards control pannel to set up your card and then in cubase device setup audio system for your driver then go to project setup to set/check sample rate and bit resolution.

A-OK on all counts - using the right card (Maudio Delta 66) in the Device Setup window. In the project set up, I think the bit resolution/record file type is for the created files, not the recorded ones? I actually can’t find anywhere that says 24-bit resolution of recording, except for the literature of the card itself, of course.

Yeah, I just finished reading on the M-Audio site what you’re saying, andyath - that test isn’t for good cards, just the other ones, they say.

Thanks dude - appreciate it!