(RESOLVED) C6 Hardware Synth Midi Device Problem

Update 110203: The mystery remains as to what happened, but somehow my XV5080 became internally locked to only outputting the GM patches … despite what the LCD said. Since I’d just installed C6 when I noticed this, I attributed the problem to the patch script. Once I realized that all software programs and even direct midi input resulted in the same behavior … only GM patches playing … I called Roland for support. (I really, really like their lifetime, no questions asked, talk to a real human being support!)

They didn’t have a clue either … but suggested a factory reset. Bingo! Alles klar, Herr Kommisar.

I copied the midi device script I used flawlessly in C5 into the ‘unused’ folder in the Scripts folder and installed the midi device for my Roland XV5080.

C6 read it and showed me the device under output devices with all the proper patches. I know there is a known glitch with lack of display of the patch library/ patch name in the inspector … but a click opened the device.

However, the only patches it would change were the GM patches … no matter what bank they were actually in. No other patches changed on the unit. A midi message was sent, since I could see it flash, but it always stayed on the last selected GM patch … and only on GM1 Piano unless I sent another GM patch message.

Can someone confirm whether they are having issues with midi devices addressing patches, please?

FWIW … there was no apparent issue on softsynths. I instantiated Sylenth and all patches were immediately read and I was able to select them from the inspector.


when you installed c6 did you leave c5 on you computer or do a complete new install , as all xml files are shared between the 2 programs c5 +c6 and there was no need to install them in too c6 ,all my xml files were already there when i first run c6 with no issue , i don’t know if thats any help at all but if c5 was left on the comp then there was no need to move the xml files just assign and play ,


This was a clean install on a new OS … migrated from Win XP where C5 was installed to Win 7 x64.

I used the same script to install, the same midi routing to the synth and the same settings on the synth … actually there were no changes on the synth.

The fact that the script addresses the GM banks properly in the synth makes me think it must be an issue with C6.

FWIW The XV5080 has a GM mode where you make a selection for GM and the unit plays multitimbrally on up to 16 midi channels … for playing standard midi files, et.

The unit is NOT in GM mode, but in Patch mode where it should be able to access any patch on the unit or expansion boards. As I say, it is not. It only will access GM patches.