RESOLVED: crash during plugin load after Windows 10 upgrade

I did the Windows 10 upgrade in place last night and now Cubase crashes during plugin loading. The plugs it crashes on are vst3s and specifically Halion Symphonic Orchestra, which I removed then it made it to the next one which is Padshop. I tried repairing all but same thing happened. Since both are steinberg plugins/vst instruments I am a little surprised given the all clear.

At this point I am facing the choice of having to revert to 8.1 so I can do a session tonight or uninstalling and reinstall Cubase and all plugins, steinberg and 3rd party.

thoughts? Anyone have this issue as well and able to get past it without reinstalling



First if all, Win10 si not supported system yet.

The splash screen is not always completely in sync, so it could be another plug-in, the one, which is before. Make sure, all of your plug-ins are up-to-date, and compatible with Win10, please. I would be really surpriced if so old plug-in like HSO is, would be compatible with Windows 10.

As I’m sure you’re aware, W10 is now supported.

I can’t give you a good answer except to say I am using HSO and indeed Padshop without any problem, had no problems after I installed Windows 10 and first ran Pro8 (both 32 and 64 bit versions). So my best guess is that it’s maybe something else rather than those two which is causing your problem.

Hope you get it sorted.

Sorry Martin, thats incorrect. As of yesterday’s announcement Steinberg officially supports Win10, hence my question today.

I was hoping that others who had reserved their Win 10 upgrade, but have been resisted running the upgrade until it was official, might have experienced and solved the same issue.

Maybe if you temporarily rename your “Steinberg/VST Plugins” folder (in the 32 bit or 64 bit program files directory. depending on which Cubase version you’re loading) and if it then loads successfully, you then know your problem is inside that folder.

After that it is matter of finding which plugin it is by a process of elimination. You’ll need to add the plugins to the folder (having re-named the folder back correctly) one by one and see which is the culprit.

I expect there is a better way by checking the crash log, perhaps someone else can jump in and help with that…

Oh, you are right, I mis this news, sorry.

But anyway, I would say, this is plug-in incopatibility issue. I would recommend to reduce plug-ins at minimum and try to start without plug-ins. Then, you can try to put them back, and see, which causes the issue.

Thanks Martin, is there a way to disable all plugins when starting similar to a “safe mode” or do I need to do the renaming plugin directors idea suggested in order to start without plugins?

Unfortunately, there is no similar short cut for launching Cubase without plug-on. You have to rename all plug-in directories.

Try re-installing your eLicenser, and then run it as administrator.

did the upgrade on the main machine also, and everything looks ok, but:

  • focusrite drivers (the newest beta’s: 9b10) i had to roll back. No sound at all.
  • the elicenser indeed needed admin rights once to recover itself
    Once done that, everything went alright.

Doublecheck everything from drivers (hardware) and software one by one + if steiny software fails, which is your usecase, the most probable culprit is indeed the E-licenser. It needs to be updated and this should be done with admin rights. (in my case)

kind regards,

Tried e-licencer and running as admin, no luck so I ended up rolling back to 8.1 so I could do session last night. Rollback worked flawlessly putting me back to where I was.

Once I launched Cubase in 8.1, I found that a Slate subscription expired message popped up during plugin loading. First time I had seen that message and had I not rolled back I wouldn’t have seen it.

Being that was about when Cubase was crashing I suspect that Gobbler which manages the slate subscriptions might have been behind the issue. Since I acknowledged the expiration in 8.1, I am going to run the upgrade to 10 again today and see if I get past plug-in loading and will communicate results.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

Good luck!

Almost ashamed to admit this but after re-ugrading to Win 10 I made sure to update to latest RME driver and voila’ all works perfectly. Guess the moral to this story is make sure you have updated all drivers just as everyone has said in all the other threads. duh. feeling stupid.

Yes, it’s always important to update everything, SW and HW, during such a big OS upgrade.

Enjoy your new system. :wink: