RESOLVED: Cubase 5 on Yosemite updated from Mountain Lion

Hi all,

I had Cubase 5 running on Mountain Lion - mostly fine.

I updated the machine (on a clone on a separate disk - I can boot back to ML if need be - so I’m not entirely sunk) to the latest Yosemite. Cubase 5 is now giving me a segmentation violation on startup in (I know what a segmentation violation is - been a UNIX guy for > 2 decades)

I had seen a few others report elsewhere on the web that they had Cubase 5 running on Yosemite . But no instructions. I’m very happy making command line changes if there’s something that can be done. I already tried removing the relevant plist files. No dice.

I fully well know it’s not supported. Not my concern at this point. Yes I would upgrade to a later Cubase, but that’s to come later, not this week :slight_smile: and I’d like to have it running in the interim if possible.

Has anyone here managed to get it to run successfully on Yosemite? I know the 5 installer program won’t work on Yosemite - nor the Steinberg alternate installer - 6.X and up from what I can tell.

Any thoughts? (Upgrading Cubase is not an option for the short term - looking for actual suggestions to get 5 running on Yosemite :wink: )

Kind regards

Derek Jones.

I hunted around and found a couple of suggestions, including reducing the number of fonts. It does now get to the “GUI resources” part of loading, then dies in the same thread. I have under 300 fonts loaded, and I noted that a previous poster (albeit with 6.X) noted they had 400+ fonts. Wondering if there are issues with specific fonts.

I also checked skin.srf - as was noted by others. Not that either.

It does work under Yosemite for some - here’s an example:

So - at least one person has it working - and - I don’t have a Retina display - so I should not run into the same issues noted there. But, still can’t get over the starting issues.

Any takers? :-/ ?

Kind regards

Derek Jones.

Hey boys and girls :slight_smile: I got it working. It WAS fonts.

I decided to try ditching simply the ~/Library/Fonts folder contents - which, as I recallfrom originally installing those fonts back in 2013, and from inspection of the fonts.dir file, was a carry over of some TTF fonts from somewhere else.

Anyhow removing those - Cubase starts just fine :slight_smile: So, yes, Cubase 5 works on Yosemite. Now, I haven’t stress tested it, just saying it fires up OK.

Oh - and in case you’re wondering, I use CDock to get the 3D dock LnF back. This really is Yosemite! :slight_smile: