Resolved: Cubases 13.0.20: hangs with "connecting media" on all projects

Projects were working fine under 13.0.10 Pro.
Upgraded (using DLA) to 13.0.20 Pro.
Cubase opens fine to the starting page, however any project when loaded simply hangs with the dialog “Connecting Media”.
Any ideas? I can’t get anything done if I can’t open the projects.

Win11 (latest), Intel i9, 64G, Apollo x8.

Projects open fine using Cubase 12.
Projects hang (“Connecting media”) when opening using Cubase 13.0.20.

More testing:
I noticed that C13 was starting up with “Generic Low Latency ASIO driver”, instead of the UA Apollo Thunderbolt driver. When C13 starts (at the hub page) I try to change the ASIO driver and C13 hangs.

C12, on the other hand, starts fine with the UA Apollo Thunderbolt ASIO driver.

After additional debugging I located the XML file (defaults.xml) which had the LL ASIO driver selected and changed this to the UA Apollo ASIO driver. Now the system starts and projects can be opened fine.

For some reason the ASIO driver had been switched during the upgrade and attempts to switch it back cause C13 to stop working. The projects must have attempted to switch it and that caused it to stop responding. The only solution was to edit the XML settings file and cause C13 to start with the correct driver.

This suggests a bug in the ASIO switching system in C13 after the recent upgrade.