[Resolved] How do you copy Media Bay thumbnails to another computer?

I just got around to doing snapshots on all of my plugins in the Media Bay. Really like this feature. I had initially thought it was just eye candy but I find it nice to have the visual reference.

Of course, in order to set this up, I had to load each plugin to click the snapshot icon. And like many folks, I have a lot of plugins. I’m glad to have the feature, but it’s certainly not an exercise I’d like to repeat for my other two music computers.

I’m hoping there’s a snapshot folder that I can copy from computer A to computer B and C so that the thumbnails show up in Cubase on those machines without me having to do it manually for each plugin. Does anyone know how to do this?

I’d be most grateful for any insights you might have.


After a day of poking around, and ultimately with the help of Sys Internals, I’ve finally tracked down where the thumbnails live. Your VST snapshots are stored here:

C:\Users*YourWindowsUserName*\Documents\Steinberg\VST Thumbnails

Replace YourWindowsUserName with the name you use to login to windows, and all of your thumbnails are stored in the VST Thumbnails folder. Simply copy this folder and your snapshots will show up in the target computer’s Cubase. This is version independent, which is why the work I did in 10.0.30 showed up when I launched 10.5.12.

Hope this helps others who are looking to skin this particular cat.

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