RESOLVED: How to get "end repeat" barline before coda and "start repeat" barline at coda?

I’m working on a jazz chart where there’s an open solo section. In the last bar of that section, there’s a “DS al Coda”.

The next bar is the coda, which begins with another open solo section.

I’d like to have an “end repeat” barline in the last bar of the first solo section and a “start repeat” barline in the first bar of the coda. But Dorico won’t let me do that.

If I place an end repeat at the end of the first section and add a start repeat at the Coda, Dorico changes the former to a double bar line (per my selection in Engraving Options). If I then add an end repeat back to the first section, Dorico removes the start repeat at the coda.

Is there a way to have both, and if so, how?


You’re trying to add two different types of repeat barline (and end repeat AND a start repeat) to the SAME barline. Yes, it looks like two different barlines because of the Coda gap, but as far as Dorico’s concerned it’s one barline. Select the barline, invoke the caret, type :neutral_face:: or type endstart. Or select the barline and grab the appropriate option from the right panel.

Just wanted to correct pianoleo’s post by disabling automatic generation of smilies. Type :|: in the barline popover to create a end-start-repeat barline.

Oops…that was hiding in plain sight! I was doing it like in Sibelius.


Until I saw PianoLeo’s comment, I was thinking, “In Sibelius, this is a piece of cake!” Now, I know it’s also a piece of cake in Dorico, just different icing. :smiley: