[Resolved] Info Line missing

Please, someone can help me out with this issue, I’m using Cubase Pro 8, as everytime I check Info Line box in the Setup Window Layout, I can’t see nothing but blank with “No object select” instead. I don’t know whether I haven’t done something right or just an issue on this version, since I try to search this but nothing close to what I want. Thanks for help.

Can you please post a screen shot so we can see what you’re seeing?

Thanks a lot! Chris. Attached is the screenshot.

Well it won’t show anything on the Info Line until you actually select an object. Click outside the Layout dialog to close it and then click on a MIDI Part. The Info Line should now display info about that part.

Thank you, Raino, for your undisputed very logical answer, but this glitch seems much more complicated that I should have added more information on my primary post. I knew then out of that “No object selected” message that was to choose any track to make the Info Line appear, but instead the Info Line flickering and dimming away. I might consider re-installing the whole package in the next couple of days…Thanks again for your help!

If you select an event (the first “97-Wax Wash Vinyl Perc” for example), can you please post what you see then?

Are you on Windows 7 or 8? What version and build of Cubase Pro 8 do you have installed (Help, About)?

Thanks a lot! Chris, sorry for being so late in reply. Mine is windows 7, after I re-installed the whole package, it seems working just fine!

Glad to hear you are up and running, Happy Recording!