[Resolved] Issues registering .vstsound files

Perhaps i’m the only one attempting this but has anyone else had problems when creating their own vstsound files?

Symptoms being :-

  • HAL4 does not recognise them when you subsequently attempt to register them via the Mediabay, they remain greyed-out and unable to be selected.
  • The missing-samples dialogue again prompts you to register the missing .vstsound file, which again can’t be selected in the file dialogue.

If however, you point the missing-samples path box to the containing folder, it does find it and proceed.

All of which makes me think either a) i’m missing something obvious, or b) no-one else bothers with this so it’s never been noticed before. Distributing 3rd party content for HAL would be easier if this were fixed though… :wink:

Just to follow up this old post of mine, but though it wasn’t in the release notes it seems that all the VSTsound exporting issues have been fixed in 4.5.3.

Thank you Steinberg :sunglasses: