[resolved]Ivory II = no sound

Have you experience that ? My Ivory II doesn’t work in Cubase 9.0.1 …

AFAIK, my Ivory II wasn’t even installed - I got a message that it was blacklisted. I’ts my to-go plugin, so I’d really like to know if it’s a way to use it.

I just installed the last version (64 bits) and Ivory II doesn’t still work ! Gargllll :cry:

What is that version called? I think it’s 2.1.3, but I now found that I had downloaded two 2.1.3 version, called Ivory OSX Update 2.1.3.e.pkg.zip and Ivory OSX Update 2.1.3.m.pkg.zip. I have to figure out what the difference is.

Maybe Ivory is blacklisted on your system as well - and one needs a way to unblacklist it?

2.1.2 here for windows update. Not blacklisted …

Ivory II not blacklisted here also. Working fine.

ok I’ll re-install it.

Has anyone here made Ivory work with Cubase on a Mac?

Actually it was because my ilok2 wasn’t recognized by windows … I unplugged and plugged it and now all works fine !!! :smiley: