[RESOLVED] Mediabay - Showing incorrect number of samples

Hi there this is Devin here.

I was hoping someone might be able to assist in that my Mediabay is showing the incorrect number of samples.

As an example one folder contains 189 .Wav samples, but is quoting 378 - In other words, double of what is actually in the folder. This is slightly annoying as ‘running’ through the folder takes twice as long.

When choosing to open the existing file ‘in explorer’, it of course appears in my Windows 7 browser - clicking it’s clone nothing happens… Because it’s not there :unamused: How do I resolve this?

Would this have anything to do with Windows 7 winsxs?

All the best, and thank you in advance for any information.

All that was needed, in case any one else undergoes this themselves -

Remove [untick] the ‘Parent Folder’ and re-tick it to re-search the entire folder. It is now showing the correct number of files.

Mind you Cubase 5.5 now quotes 71,303 when Windows tells me there is 71,548 Files… Not the end of the world :unamused:

Best regards :smiley: