Resolved: Montage playback from cursor position not reliable

Hi all …

This issue I am seeing is in a montage … and I’m not sure exactly how to describe this behavior: after moderately magnifying the view in static display to try and determine a split point, playback is not reliably commencing from the cursor position. This makes trying to determine a split point guesswork.

The montage is 24/96 with two simple gain and three plugins all of which I use in most projects without incident in 9.5 or 10. There is absolutely nothing unusual about the project.

As far as I can tell, the settings are the same as with 9.5.

I have not come across this before in WL5/6/7/8/9 and it could well be some setting that I’ve missed. Any ideas would be welcome.

In the short time I’ve been using WL10 I have found easy work-arounds for most things pending the next update revision but this forced me back to 9.5 (rock solid on my system).


  • Are you using the resampler?
  • Where are located your plugins? (clip, track, montage output, Master Section)?
  • That is, the playback starts wrongly from the visual or audio point of view? And with delay or advance?

Hi PG …

I have no idea why … but I just looked at this same session again now to answer your questions and … it’s working as it should!

I was not using re-sampler, plugins were in montage/inspector, visual and inconsistently delay/advance. Total weirdness.

It must have been something going on in this system … perhaps Windoze security was scanning in the background. I’ve had this affect things.

Would you like me to delete this Topic now?

We can keep it as reference.

Thank you PG.

The more I think about it, the more I suspect this was Windows Security related.

And I just noticed that this update had been installed (did not require a reboot)