[RESOLVED] Moving Dorico to new computer, activation code problem

So I had bought Dorico Pro on my old computer, and I would like to move it to my new computer. I tried to do the reactivating the soft-eLicense thing a week or so ago and I thought it worked, since after I did I was able to use Dorico (for that day at least). However, today Dorico is asking me for an activation code again and the e-Licenser doesn’t have it anymore, so I’m not sure if I did it correctly or what to do now. How do I fix this? Thanks!

The licensing system all changed with v4. Which version of Dorico are you running?

I’m still using 3.5.

Hopefully, following the procedure here will help:

If not, let us know.

Apparently something was up with the e-Licenser on my new computer; the soft-eLicenser had gotten disabled somehow. I reinstalled the eLicenser and all the other Steinberg stuff, and my Dorico license showed back up and Dorico is working again for the time being. Thanks everyone!