[RESOLVED] - No Drum Kit Image and only Beat Agent

Hi guys,
I have just installed Groove Agent 4 or at least I thought I did. No problems reported during installation.
I can launch the GA4 plug in but only the Beat Agent is visible at the top which is the smaller image of the main plug-in. There are four smaller images, one for each kit. I do get the sounds but no larger drum kit image(s). I don’t seem to have the other Agents - the Acoustic Agent or Percussion Agent for example. :blush:

The Load, Edit, Mixer and Options seem to work as I click on them but no image.

What have I done wrong? Can anyone shed some light on this please? :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading :wink:

RTFM - sorted! :blush:

How DID you resolve this? I seem to have the same situation. I’m probably just missing some simple thing.