RESOLVED : Noise levels on UR22

Hi there,

I am going a little crazy and just need a bit of help to understand if it is me, or I am dealing with a faulty product.

Basically I have a UR22 connected to my Sony all-in-1 pc.
I have a Behringer T-1 powered condenser microphone with brand new cables.
I have some CR30 monitors connected to the UR22 with brand new audio board cables.

Basically I only want to record some voice overs (so not even music related stuff) and I am getting really bad background buzz on my recordings, regardless of the input levels I use for the mic. If I lower the output too much then I can’t hear myself.

I am going round in circles and I am so frustrated. It’s not like I am trying to record a symphony orchestra on Cubase with 400 tracks. This should be plug in and play but I just cannot for the life of me get some the levels in such a way that I remove the background buzz.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I have raised a support request but understand that delays in responding could be apparent due to trade shows etc.
Also, I saw the noise issue thing with the UR22 but I am not using the +48v switch. Should I be?

Thanks a lot for any pointers. You could stop me going mad.


Hello all.

OK after much further investigation I ended up trying this mic on an Apple Mac that I had stored away. The mic is PERFECT on it. Therefore I can only conclude that the noise was being generated as a result of connecting the UR22 to the All in 1 Sony Vaio PC.

I hope this insight might help others who experience similar issues.

Best wishes,