[Resolved]: Self-Pause during Sounds download

Bought my upgrade last night. During the Dorico 3 installation process, the download of the application installer went smoothly. I started the Sounds installer, although it was rather late. It had reached the 500 MB point by the time I went to bed. (Out of 9.34 GB.). When I got up, it had only reached the 2.75 GB mark and had stopped downloading. The Pause button had NOT been pushed, but there was no activity. It was as though the Pause button had indeed been pushed. So I pushed it, and then pushed the resulting Continue button immediately. Activity then resumed normally and the download is proceeding as expected, at the same ‘speed’ as before. (Not very speedily.). Everything SEEMS to be OK.

My question is this: Is this ‘self-pause’ that the downloader seems to have indulged in likely to harm the integrity of the large file? I’ve never seen anything like this happen during a download before, so don’t know what to expect.

Thanks in advance for any pointers anyone can provide. (See my hardware configuration below.)

It did it again, at the 4.89 GB mark. I just went into another room for a while, and when I came back it had stopped downloading again. I repeated the same steps, Pause and then Continue, and now it’s ‘flying along’ at 450 KB per second again. All appears well.

It’s almost as though it needs me to watch it while it downloads in order to keep going! (I did say 'almost.)

Is your machine trying to go to sleep during the download?
I kept my machine “alive” by reading the Version History (well, a small part of it) while the HALion sounds downloaded.

It certainly went to sleep last night after I did. However, it went on for another 2GB after I went to bed, which represents around 2 hours, and it certainly went to sleep well before that! So evidently sleep didn’t interfere at first. However, now that I’m up and awake I’ll make sure it doesn’t sleep again, and neither will I.


Well, the download eventually finished. I installed the application. Everything appears to be working great. So I guess I shouldn’t have worried.