Resolved: Show Chords changes Print Layout

Figuring things out…

I edited a Tenor Sax layout (part of a multi-instrument score) and got it looking like I wanted it.

The chords were visible in light green. I want those chords to show so I went to Setup, right clicked on Tenor Sax, and chose
Chord Symbols–>Show For All.

This showed the symbols but changed the formatting of my Tenor Sax Layout to this

Leo tells us that if a bar has a Chord symbol over it, it’s not an empty bar. I’m assuming this is why ‘Show Chords’ changed the look of the layout - there’s a chord symbol at the first bar of the piece. (Just FYI, there is some notation in the first bar of the piece in another part; at first I thought that’s why Dorico was splitting that 7 bar rest into 6 + 1).

I don’t need the sax player to see the 1 + 6. I just want him to be able to count off 7 bars and come in. Is there a way to do retain that 7 bar multi rest while adding the Chord symbols in? I tried ‘Hide Barline’ and several other things. Thanks as always.

Does the tenor sax player need to know that the first bar is Cm9? If not, select the Cm9 chord symbol and hide it from the properties panel.

Man oh man…

Thanks Leo. I am getting better, I promise.

PS - I’m changing the title to add the word ‘Resolved’. I hope this doesn’t change the search results in case someone else searches for the keywords ‘Show Chords changes…’