[Resolved] Speed issue switching between gallery to page view with independent repeat bars


I’m working on a 200 bar project with around 25 musician parts, and I’m having speed issues toggling from gallery to page view (up to 20-30 seconds).
I noticed the problem occurred after I created independent time signatures for several instruments (I needed to do so in order to create independent repeat bars just for some instruments, for example, bar 76 to 79).

I’m Using Dorico 2.2.1 with a laptop running on Windows 10 with an i7 processor, an SSD drive, and 8Go RAM.
I opened the file on an other computer, (with Windows 10 clean installed) but the problem persisted.

You can download the file I’m working on here:

Any help would be much welcome.

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I can’t say with certainty that this would fix it, but you should upgrade to 2.2.10.

Most updates include small improvements to performance.

Thanks, but I’m already using Dorico Pro from January 31 2019.

I opened the file on my 2015 MacBook Pro; switching between Write and Engrave mode is no problem, but it does take a long time to switch between page view and galley view. It also takes a long time to open the file, and there is a long delay when I hit Play. But changing notes, adding bars, etc. all seem to work fine. It looks like a nice piece!

Yes you’re right! No speed problem working on the file, but only switching from gallery view to page view, or opening the file.
The loading time for opening the file occurred only after I created the independent time signature…

I’m 61 pages, 14 flows in and it’s 3.4 seconds switching from Page View to Galley View. The other way round - Galley View to Page view is about 0.5 of a second.

I have downloaded the file and tried to work with it. The playback has a long delay. After I have deleted all repeat -signs, the problem was gone. So, Dorico is struggling with the repeat-signs. I had this issue before in a score, where some start-repeat-signs were missing. The repeat-signs in your piece are strange. They only exit for some staves, not for all. Perhaps, this causes the delay.

It’s what I thought… Thanks for proving it!
It would be great if that could be fixed in a future update.

The repeat bars are “strange”, but I need them to be so. As I said, I created independent time signature (then hid them) to be able to create independent repeat bars for several instrument parts.

You should find that switching off the ‘Play repeats’ option on the Repeats page of Playback Options sorts it out.

Yes, it does! Thank you very much!!!