Resolved: Support Ticket Flawed! No support??

The new process for creating a Support Ticket is fatally flawed at this point. As I fill out my ticket I come to the two lines that ask for the OS and then the Processor type. Both items were chosen from the drop down list, Win7 64bit, and Core 2 Quad ---- but the ticket will not accept this info and instead keeps sending the form back, requesting these two lines be filled out. I tried it ten times. The Support Ticket system is broken. Please fix this so I can reinstall my software.

I am sorry for the trouble. We did receive new support tickets over the weekend. I will email you directly to help.

Ah, thanks! I just returned from a short trip and will try the process again. Wish me luck.

…um, no luck on the form but I did send you a return email as requested, Chris. Thanks.

I also would like to know why my eLicenser has no record of this purchase? I thought that all my purchases should be on line for me to view. Another forum member tells me that it shows up under his list of purchased products - and I’m pretty sure this was true in my case also but I can’t be sure at this point. Where did it go? I only show WLE8 and Cubase 6.5 at this point. This is very confusing.

Is PadShop Pro not a your typical Steinberg product?

Your registration will show the current licenses on your USB key (not the historical list what you have had). It does not show products you purchase from the Shop because your Shop and MySteinberg accounts are not connected. We’ll straighten out the Padshop Pro license through our email.

A big SHOUT OUT to Chris Dobbs for helping me solve my PadShop Pro problem! Thank you, Chris, and I’m sorry I made the ‘fix-path’ so complicated!! :smiley:

Glad to have you up and running, have a great weekend!