[Resolved] Sync Selection in Project & MixConsole

Hello, N8.2 is working better than ever. Thank you SB.

Except: In Preferences I select < Editing < Project & MixConsole < “Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole” checked.

Channel and Track sync selection is not fully working anymore. I have a some group Tracks in a closed folder in the Project window. If I go to the mixer and select one of these groups channels, the corresponding “Channel Setting” follows as it should. But now if I go to the project window and select a track that is not in the closed folder, N8.2 will not sync the channel or “Channel Setting”. “Channel Setting” is stuck there.

So if you go back to the mixer, select a channel that is not in a closed project window folder, N8.2 will again work as expected until the next time one of those closed folder group channels are select. If you open the folder then N8.2 will also sync as expected. Problem is, I work with the folder closed, as in hundreds of my project.npr’s.

Is there a new preference I am missing? Or this needs to work like previous versions. Please, could some of you confirm this behavior. Thank you. SB please check it out.

[Feature Request] “Channel Settings”. In fact I would rather not have to sync tracks & channels selections but instead have “Channel Settings” follow Track selection - Or - Channel selection. Which ever track or channel is selected. Currently “Channel Settings” only follow channel selection hence the need to sync Tracks and Channels.

Nuendo is great,


The core of the problem is somewhere else. The problem is, the “hidden” channel (collapsed in the folder) stays selected (if the “hidden” track is placed before the selected one). See attached GIF, please.

Is it the same on your side?

Are you sure it’s new since N8.2, please?


This issue sounds very much like the one I raised in the Cubase Issues forum, which you kindly answered (though your findings are different to mine) here


Thanks for your reply on Tuesday about trashing the prefs, will try that.

I was also thinking, if it’s linked. But you referred clearly to the Key Commands.

That’s true, that’s what I noticed at first, but today I’m finding very inconsistent behaviour of the Channel Settings, whether KC or clicking on “e”

I’m fairly sure something is broken in 9.5.2 (haven’t gone to 9.5.3 - lots of problems being reported today)

The issue I described is definitely not new in Cubase 9.5.20. I’m not sure, if its new since Cubase 9.5. I would say its even older. But I haven’t tested an older version with this yet.

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I am sure this started in N8.2.
N8.1.1 sync selection was correct, like it has been since N1.1

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You are right, I can confirm, it’s new since Cubase 9.5 and Nuendo 8.2.

Reported to Steinberg.

The similar issue I had in Cubase (see thread reference above) has been fixed by trashing C9.5 prefs, forcing Cubase to return to C9.0 prefs.

Thanks Martin for this suggestion.

This is really starting to bug me in N8.2. Please restore the way it used to work in every version prior to N8.2
Or make it so “Channel Settings” follows when ever selecting either ‘Channel in mixer’ or a ‘Track in project’.

When we select a track in project “Channel Settings” should follow.
When we select a channel in mixer “Channel Settings” should follow.

The way it works in N8.2 is a headache. Tracks in Folders should not undo this function.

Thank you

+1 I’ve had some weird behaviour in project and mixconsole syncing as well.

This has been resolved in the latest update:
Issues ID#19862 - Project:
Tracks (or Channels) no longer remain unexpectedly selected in some situations.

Thank you SB for listening.
Nuendo is great

There are times that there is no need for trashing preferences. toggle the selection, apply. Close the preferences. Come back to preference and toggle it again, apply and close the prefereces.