Resolved two non SB related issues when upgrading to Win 10

Hi all,

I upgraded yesterday to Win 10 and ran into and resolved two non SB related issues. I’ll post them here so that others might be helped when running into these.

Issue 1:
I kept having fatal freezes of Win 10 after starting up Cubase 8 Pro, forcing me to do a hard reboot (small button on PC case)… process kept hanging on initializing the VST mixer. I knew this was the step prior to loading automap (for my novation Impulse USB midi controller) and after disconnecting the Impulse all went smooth (kinda).

Updating automap also got stuck at the step of connecting the controller. By updating Automap (from 4,8 to 4.4.9) without connecting the controller and then rebooting with controller connected, I was finally properly prompted to update the firmware, after which the Novation bit was resolved.

Issue 2:
My UAD card was not found anymore, causing all plugs to fail and rescanning took ages. Removing the UAD software and UAD-2 card, and reinstalling these again all fixed this issue.

Took me about one hour to upgrade my PC and so far all goes pretty well, although I have not run Cubase for an extended session yet.

Keep on rocking, yeah!

PS: Posted in General as this is where most upgrade-to-Win10 posts are placed.

Automap issue is back…

Upgrading to Windows 10 was a little airy at first here but worked out in the end after a little effort.

  1. First off I was a little alarmed to discover I had no sound from my EMU 1820m sound card, not helped by the fact that this card is not supported any more so updating the divers was not an option. For some reason, I discovered, I had to set the interface to 48kz instead of 44.1. This made no difference as I could still record and play files at 44.1 but the card had to be set to 48kz in the sound cards properties. If some program turns it back to 44.1, as sometimes happens, changing it back to 48 kz in properties cures the problem now. I can live with that.

  2. I would get an error message opening Cubase. This was cured by updating elicencer.

  3. My Maudio Midisport 4x4 didn’t work, even though Device Manager reported “This device is working properly”. Again updating its driver cured that, which was a great relief. Window 10 drivers can be found here:

It all sounds simple and obvious now put like that but it’s no fun finding things don’t work after an OS update. Each problem presenting their own headache until solved.

Having said all that I’m finding Window 10 an improvement over Win 7. I haven’t played with all the extras like OneDrive, Edge and wot-not but its definitely sharp and snappy in comparison. Worth the effort I think.

Don’t know if that’s any help to anyone but there it is.

Good luck!