Ok guys. What’s the story? Have C6 boxes arrived for anyone? At the warehouse even?

Nope, no news since last I checked, and I called yesterday.

Na Da


You’re in the third world along with us Canadians!

However, I could share this, from our Yamaha Canada rep around town… message rec’d yesterday

  • Our first shipment of Cubase 6 is in transit from Germany, and expected to arrive in our Toronto warehouse by the end of the week. There are always some unpredictable factors with international shipping, so I can’t promise anything, but if you’re an early adopter thinking about upgrading, you might not want to make any big plans for this coming weekend. :slight_smile: Your favourite Steinberg dealer should hopefully have pricing set up in their system by now, and I’ll make an announcement on the website as soon as the stock arrives.

So I would think the good old USA might be close to receiving too! Hope so for all of us.

Suck it, Yanks. :wink:

At this rate you’ll be a Logic user before we get our boxes!

That hurts, man.

And how much do they pay for gasoline/petrol! Suck it Europe! :laughing:

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i only ordered mine 3 days ago and its arriving thursday ,cheers steiny for your prompt export !


Yeah I am pretty sure we (the US) won the past couple of wars for this very reason!

Come on steiny!
My order is still pending… Just think you could have all of us 'merican users bitching about bugs and not just about getting our shiny new box!!

I hope your dongle breaks off in the port :wink:

Yeah, nothing for the US yet–not till early this week according to asknet. Oh wait, that’s today. So we’re looking mid- to late week, at best.

Really classy how we got charged well before the product shipped. That’s unprecedented for me.

At least you know you are not dealing with some fly-by-nighter.

Think about paypal for a second, they keep everyone’s money who deal with them.

I’m not really a fan of the way SB releases software…

Here in Australia, N5 took 2 months to arrive here after release, and pricing was far from US or EU parity.

Then yesterday I get an email from a local store saying not to expect C6 until mid feb, and no pricing info is available yet.

To me, there is no excuse what so ever for not having world wide pricing available at the same time.

There is no excuse for the long delays in shipping to Australia. There should be no difference between shipping from EU to US and EU to Australia.

And of course, there is no reason in this day and age that UPDATES cannot be distributed digitally (unless I am missing something due to EU laws etc)

I realise that setting up the systems for digital delivery can be time consuming, but one would hope this is the last major version of a SB product that doesn’t have digital delivery in place world wide for all upgrades.

Cheers! Brendan.

Remember that not so long ago you had to give your dongle number to the store before you even got an auth code.

Obama just announced in his speech Cubase 6 will hit the states next week. :laughing:

Well then it will b a month or so :slight_smile:

Oh no! That means we’ll never get it!