(resolved) VSTi PLAY 6 crash cubase 9.0.30 (video inside)

Every time I launch Play in the VSTi rack Cubase has an error message :
Here the dump file :

Play 6.0.1 - Cubase 9.0.30 - scope v7
precisions : the second time I load a Play instance it works and create a track.
After close and try to re-open a simple project with an empty track of play and only that into the project
==> crash of cubase (stop and close)

HERE THE VIDEO of the bugs I met :frowning: :

Thanks for help,

resolved for the plugin VST version of PLAY :
after removing ProgramData\EastWest folder and re-install of PLAY it works fine !

(for the stand alone version it crashes with the scope drivers v7 but Cubase is not involved into this issue)