RESOLVED: Windows: change appearance now requires restart?

I loaded up Cubase 6 for the first time last night and went into preferences to customize the view settings (grid darkness, etc.) and when I hit apply I was pretty surprised to see a dialog that said I had to restart cubase for the visual effects to change.

This wasn’t the way Cubase 5 was–you could see it right away and then tweak things if you didn’t like it–you could even hit apply and it would change in the background.

Any reason why this changed?

Did you change anything else while you were in there or just the grid settings?

I saw a video on you tube for C6 and the guy changes the grid line settings without restarting the software.

I didn’t change anything else. It was the visual settings that needed an app restart.

I saw the tutorials for the Mac and yes on the Mac it seems you can change this without a restart. But on Win7 x64 with Cubase 6 x64 I could not change any of the visual settings (grid, etc.) without restarting the app to see the changes take effect.

all fine here on 32bit just adjust and ok !


Strange!! Maybe there was something else I set that required a reboot. But I can’t think of what it was. Can someone on x64 confirm?

If you change any of the settings in “General” in preferences you need to re start, don’t know why but that’s how it is now.

Strange! Wasn’t that way in 5.5.2 was it?

Yes it was.


Weird that I never ran into that before. Or at least forgot.

Probably because the preferences in the general tab are mostly useless.

The other tabs (which don’t need a restart) you’re more likely to adjust…window background I frequently change depending on mood & amount of ambient light but having tried out the general tab options after install I realise I have no real desire to set up my display to show a pink tinted mixer with extra bright buttons :mrgreen:

I will confirm tonight (I have 5.5.2 side-by-side installed) and then mark resolved :slight_smile: