Resolved: You are already in a session


I was trying to connect with the same username on the client side running VST Performer.



“Studio with xxx xxx is not logged in” really means exactly that, and is an inevitable indication that the Performer has mistyped the key, or that the Studio (Cubase) computer has gone offline.
Let us make sure we get the sequence right: you (Studio, on Cubase) click the login button and a pair of numbers appear in the key field. These are two groups of numbers separatd by a space (blank). You then tell the Performer (phone, SMS or whatever) this number and he types it into his key field and clicks connect (this should not happen more than 5 minutes or so after the key was requested). The numbers have to be typed exactly as they were provided, including the space. The message “Studio with xxx xxx is not logged in” clearly indicates that the connection server has got the request, but no computer is registered (anymore) that was given this key.
The other case is strange. It does happen when a successful connection has already been established and was not disconnected (either side clicking disconnect, or quitting the program) and then another login attempt is made. When this happens, it should work again after a few minutes.
Finally, you can not establish a local connection with the SE version, you need a PRO version for that, and there you have a special LAN button. Just to make sure :slight_smile:
Hope that helps.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I can assure you it’s not a mistyped key, we’ve tried about 50. Copy/pasted, using the numpad, using the regular numbers. None worked. ( It has worked fine before though and I’m aware the space is a necessity ) This has taken place in a 2 hour time span. Rebooted, Rebooted the router, (him too) etc, etc. Even the next day.

I wasn’t trying to connect through LAN though, I know that’s a Pro feature, but I was on the same network trying to connect to the ‘main’ computer using a laptop for testing purposes.

I only got the “Studio not logged in message” whilst trying to connect from my laptop to my computer ( from behind the same router ). Called a friend to see if he could login, didn’t work either. I know you only receive a code when you’re actually connected, so the connection to steinberg should be ok, I assume.

My friend and I both have Cubase 8 Pro, tried to connect to him as the client, got that message. He tried to connect to me as the client, also got that message.

I’ve had him connect in the past before with no problems, worked right of the bat.

“I was on the same network trying to connect to the ‘main’ computer using a laptop for testing purposes” will not work.
When both VST Connect and Performer are in the same network or connected to the same router there may be problems. Otherwise, the “Studio with xxx xxx is not logged in” is really a very simple reponse from the server that it can’t find a match for that number. This is the most simple process, and as the Studio has got a key successfully, the only explanation left is that your computer somehow looses connection to the connection server (which provided you with the key) in between.
If you let us know what the 2 user names were and at what time approx. you tried to establish a connection, we may be able to find out more.

You are already in a session. Make sure not to use the same name as the Studio.i have vst connect pro…what can i do…

For a local connection with VST Connect PRO, do not login. Once the Studio Computer runs Cubase or Nuendo with VST Connect PRO, a Performer started within the same network will show a blue button which you can press to connect.