Resolving MIDI Communication Issues After Unfreezing an Ivory VST Track in Cubase

Hello everyone,

I recently encountered a problem with MIDI communication when unfreezing a track with the Ivory VST by Synthogy in Cubase. After unfreezing the track, the MIDI data was no longer read by the instrument, and the track was effectively silent. Through some troubleshooting, I discovered a simple yet effective solution that I’d like to share with the community.

Problem Description:
When unfreezing a MIDI track with the Ivory VST in Cubase, the MIDI information was no longer transmitted to the instrument, causing the track to produce no sound. However, copying the MIDI data to a new track with the same VST worked without any issues.

Here’s the step-by-step process that resolved the issue for me:

  1. Unfreeze the MIDI Track: Follow the usual process to unfreeze the MIDI track in Cubase.
  2. Select the MIDI Track: Make sure the MIDI track that contains the Ivory VST is selected.
  3. Access the VSTi Tab: Go to the VSTi tab where all tracks containing virtual instruments (VSTs) are listed.
  4. Locate the Ivory VST: Find the Ivory VST associated with your unfreezed MIDI track.
  5. Toggle the Power Button:
  • Locate the power button (ON/OFF) for the Ivory VST.
  • Turn the power button OFF and then back ON.

Additional Note:
If you check the option “Unload Instruments when Frozen” when freezing the track, Cubase will automatically reload the virtual instrument and re-establish MIDI communication when you unfreeze the track. In this case, you won’t need to manually toggle the power button as the communication is restored automatically.

After these steps, the MIDI communication should be restored, and the track should play back correctly.

Benefits of this Solution:

  • Simplicity: This method is quick and easy, requiring only a simple toggle of the power button if necessary.
  • Efficiency: It restores MIDI communication without needing to recreate or reconfigure the track or the VST.
  • Reliability: This process has proven to be a reliable way to resolve the issue without additional troubleshooting steps.

Conclusion: I hope this solution helps others who might encounter similar issues with MIDI communication after unfreezing tracks in Cubase. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out.



Once you unfreeze the MIDI track, can you try to click the Mute button (even though it’s disabled) to Mute and unmute the track, please?