Resolving MIDI Timing Issues with Kontakt Libraries in Cubase

Hello Folks,

I’m facing some latency or delay issues while using Kontakt libraries to write and play MIDI notes.

Here’s the situation: I start with a piano sketch using a standard VST, and then I duplicate those notes into a track that utilizes a Kontakt instance. The problem is, when these tracks play simultaneously, they are noticeably out of sync, with the Kontakt VST appearing to delay the notes.

Is this a recurring issue for others using Kontakt libraries in Cubase?
Additionally, does anyone have suggestions for a more streamlined method to address this?

At the moment, I’m shifting the notes a bit to the right manually to sync them, but this approach seems too long, especially for projects with numerous VSTs used in orchestration.

Does Cubase offer a quicker way to manage this, maybe through a delay adjustment or some other tool?


In my experience, it’s not a general issue of Kontakt but depends on the libraries used. Some actually come with a quite noticeable delay.
To compensate for that, you can decrease the Delay value in the inspector so that you don’t need to shift all notes to the left.