Resolving Missing Files/ Cubase Will Not Open Audio Files

When I load a project on Cubase I am prompted to resolve missing files. I use a iMac and when I go to locate the folder where I keep my audio files for the project they are dimmed grey where I cannot select them. I understand that they are dimmed grey because the application cannot open the file, but in the finder I can play the audio and they are active??? Why is Cubase not recognizing the audio files where I saved them for each of my projects? I wanted to be organized, but I imagine I have caused a BIG problem here being that I cannot load my audio tracks. Any ideas here? My guess is that the audio files were saved in a different location. I follow this file path when going to resolve missing files and they are all still greyed out??? HELP

Cubase has no access to this location?
Why not keeping all files inside the project folder?

You need to give Cubase the right to open files from the location in question.

You are so correct. I moved all of my audio and image files into Cubase Projects and I was able to locate missing files. Thank you for your reply to my issue.