Resource Consumption vs VST inventory

Hi, just wondering, is there a relationship at all between the total number of 3rd party VSTs that Cubase scans and inventories and the amount of system resources it consumes while running? Or is it mostly dependent on the size of the project and the VST’s used in the project?

I am debating whether it’s worth cleaning up and clearing out some of the 3rd party VST’s I don’t use now that I am using Pro? For example, I have the Izotope ozone stuff which I don’t really touch since I use the build in tools of Cubase.

Any and all responses much appreciated.

I can’t imagine that the use of system resources in Cubase rises, the more 3rd party VST plugins you have installed and thus scanned in Cubase.
That said, i am no pro regarding that specific knowledge … :wink:

VST3 plugins are the only ones not taking resources when idle (by default enabled but optional in preferences). VST2 plugins loaded will take up resources just sitting there. Depending on the plugin it can be next to nothing to serious usage. So if you don’t actively need these and you’re low on resources it’s best to remove these? If you’re not sure you’re going need them again in the future you can always save (Save as) the project under a different name and open it later to have these VST’s available again.

For clarification, if I understand the OP’s question correctly, he is only addressing VST/VST’I’s that are available in his computer…i.e. therefore assuming a correct plug-in manager path setting, he set an initial scan by Cubase, but no VST or VSTI’s loaded in any project.

Yes. Thats exactly what I am referring to. I only have the plugins loaded that I actually need for the project. But wans’t sure about the others.

Also thanks for the earlier post. I sometimes do have projects where I might have some effects or VST’s loaded that have been turned off. So its good to know that VST2 info.