Resource kit and perf Counters Win 10

Finally upgrading nearly 10 year old FSX rig which was Bible based and served me well to this day. New Win 10 system is based on i7-9700K, 1TB Nvme SSD and 16 GB DDR4 3200 c14 B die.

Plan is to run FSX-SE initially until the dust settles then evaluate P3D v5 and MSFS 2020 once it gets a little mileage on it.

I am working through the system optimizing section of the Bible (Chp 5) and am wondering: Is the Extensible Performance Counters Chp 5 step 14 still suggested/worthwhile in Win 10? download iphone ringtone

Also, are there any pitfalls in pressing forward with the section (as applicable) in shutting down services? I have done hours of reading comparing certain settings in Win 7 v 10 and am mostly satisfied but was wondering what most people have been doing with the 2 items.

The page file was to the 3072 / 3072 but leaving it on c drive as this is mostly a simming PC and temp file writes should not be of concern. Seem reasonable?

I know Nick said there would be no Win 10 tuning guide. I have read posts re Win 10, avoided reg edits and such on Win 10 but hoping those of you who have been flying Win 10 for a while can pass along a few tips in regards to the last half of Chp 5.
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