Resources for Beginner - Cubase Elements

Hi All - 1st post.

I have done a couple albums on Performer a couple of decades ago and back then I didn’t know about any audio forums. I learned everything I knew from reading the manual, over and over.

Do you recommend reading the manual, or are there any good YouTube videos? Any thoughts much appreciated.



Read the manual whenever possible first and look up specifics on Youtube and other fora. The Steinberg videos are a good start and future music has a collaboration with Steinberg on their own Youtube channel (Steinberg sessions I believe)

For example, to learn about swing I read the manual first, and read more info on sites such as the futuregarage forum (masterclass in swing and skip techniques) and attack magazine (all about swing in different DAW’s).

You can also opt for premium tutorials at sites as Groove3, 15$/ month for unlimited streaming.

Good luck and enjoy the ride :wink:

Thanks, Vinnie D!