Resources for learning feature length film workflow in Nuendo?

Hello! I am in audio post and generally am working on TV advertisements, short indie films, event video, and corportate video.

I am however wanting to learn a bit more about feature length film work. Of course I know in high budget productions, audio work is broken up into different jobs with different people, but I am trying to learn the general gist of how projects are organized, the workflow, the routing for surround and Atmos, etc.

For example in most of the work I do, I’ll have 1 track per character/speaker, as there aren’t too many in the videos I do. But I don’t know how it’s done for feature lengths… Is it just a few DX tracks and checkerboarding is utilized? Same question with SFX, ambience, etc. If checkerboarding, do engineers rely more on automation, or DOP? Things like this are what I am trying to learn.

Are there any resources / classes / tutorials out there (free or paid) that anyone can recommend to learn a bit more about this? I look at this forum a lot to try to learn, but a lot of it is going over my head, as a lot of you seem to already know all of this information so the basic workflow isn’t discussed too much (at least not what I’ve found).


Some of the items on my Nuendo Workflows playlist may help.

Most of them were livestreams but they are all indexed with detailed chapter markers and timings etc.

Note: The thumbnail here shows the Mixing in Dolby Atmos video, but if you click Watch on YouTube you will see all the individual videos in the playlist on the right.

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Awesome, thanks Phil!

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It’s not really a Nuendo-specific question, so you should search on as well as (post section) and you’ll likely find a fair amount of answers. Most people talking about it will be talking about PT, but the same should apply to Nuendo.