Respect for the Devs/Mods

Hey forum.

I know the transition to cubase 13 has been frustrating for a lot of people (Myself included), in many cases it seems as if our opinions weren’t heard and certain individuals workflows have been seriously impacted.

That being said,
I think it’s important to keep in mind. Especially with a forum as great as this. Not to give into frustration and come here to deliver the wrath of that frustration.
I know the moderators work their butts off to make this essentially a better functioning customer support than Steinberg could probably come up with.

There’s a lot of posts I see where if a question was asked differently or not out of frustration the issue would have been answered much faster.
I sure know I’ve come onto the forum with the wrong attitude lol

Anyhow, I know the devs have heard us. Sometimes when you have something this good you take it for granted. With Cubase you don’t realise this until you try to make another your main…looking at you Live

So big thanks to the devs. Its not perfect but I can see where you’re going.

And to the mods. You deserve far more credit than you get.

So let’s all be respectful and figure this out together!
In my eyes, the future of Cubase is very bright :star_struck: