Respect to the Cubase Devs!

Thought it was about time I gave a big-up the Cubase Devs :pray: :pray:

I’ve been using Cubase 12 now solidly since I upgraded around June last year and it rocks!
I’m constantly surprised at the power and performance of this piece of software and every day I find something new it can do.

As an IT professional I work with many different business systems on a daily basis and it is shocking how much commercial software struggles to deliver basic stability or decent UI’s - especially when you considering how much some of these products cost.

I know many of the occasions on which we get to use these forums its often to resolve issues and don’t get me wrong Cubase is not perfect and I have had my fair share of my own issues (did anyone mention SDA)!

However, in the grand scheme of things and considering the depth of features and functionality, presentation UI, ease of use, compatibility and general performance (on a range of hardware) its a pretty dam good piece of software that has given me countless of hours of fun and creativity.

So to the Developers of Cubase 12 wherever you are - take a well deserved bow!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Well said. And while there are some people having trouble with Cubase 12, it is solid and stable software that runs well for most people. And an absolute joy to use.

Agreed … which is why so many of us have stuck with Cubase throughout the decades. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Indeed. I started out on Cubasis after a brief spell with Fruityloops and Cakewalk (dont ask)

I had way more performance issues with the early versions than I do nowadays and I make it work much harder.

I guess it helps that Windows has generally got more stable as have audio drivers.
I can’t believe the amount of clutter that used to run on my old windows 95 PCs

Agreed here too
Like other Steinberg apps (E.g. Dorico) learning it can be steep but hard work is amply rewarded by an application that continues to reveal hidden gems

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