Respell accidental using…not working in non 12-EDO tuning system; also bizarre notation of input notes

I continue to have a problem with a specific function in Dorico, the – Respell accidental using … feature does not work when the Tuning system is not 12-EDO. I had a key signature of three flats, one of which was a half-flat. (The tuning system is 17 notes per octave.) I entered notes on my MIDI keyboard, and all of the notes were spelled according to the key signature, except Eb was notated as D#. It is a mystery. See attached screen shot. (If you look at the first lowest note, you will notice it is an Eb; when I entered this note, it notated as D#; I already corrected these low notes when I took the screenshot.) I request that this be fixed so I can create music in key signatures that include ¼-tone (or other non-12-EDO) accidentals.Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 7.11.21 PM

I suspect my initial theory was correct. You didn’t mention in the other Facebook thread that this is 17-EDO, and the reality is that your tonality system sees D# and Eb as two separate pitches. The MIDI pitch you play on your keyboard is closer to a D# than an Eb - in your tonality system - so Dorico interprets your played note as a D#. This is also why you can’t “respell” the D# as an Eb (Opt-=) but you can use Shift-Opt-Up to change the D# to an Eb.

Please keep your posts to one place, or at least crosslink - this is now in three different places (see also DORICO – The Next-Generation Scoring Software : I've got a key signature with three flats, one of which is a half-flat and DORICO – The Next-Generation Scoring Software : This DORICO set contains a 17-one EDO key signature) and it’s hard to keep track.


Yes, sorry about the multiple posts and thanks for your clarification. I will look at changing the structure of the tuning system. I didn’t realize that there was a separate procedure on facebook for uploading a file and that uploading would create a post. Thanks for your reply.