Respell accidentals per layout?

Hello all. Newbie. This forum is great, it’s my first time posting. I searched but didn’t find the topic here (maybe don’t know the correct terms).

I want to be able to respell accidentals in one layout and not the other.

The situation is simple. I just wrote a duet for two differently transposing instruments (one in A and one in Bb, yikes, but happily I’m a modernist sort). I worked in concert then flipped it into transposition and never looked back at the concert notes since all they wanted was a transposed score. I got every last element how I wanted it and delivered it. To be clear I don’t need parts, they read from copies of the same score.

This morning I thought I’d like to have an in-concert copy of the score, just for sharing purposes or whatever. The Custom layout seemed like more work since I’d already set up so much of the formatting. I made a new Full Score layout, called it “Score in C” and just put in the system/frame breaks I needed, fixed a few other things, piece of cake by all comparisons. I called the first, completed layout (which I don’t want to change) “Transposed score.” I even used a text token to put these names in the upper corner of each score’s first page. I’m thinking, this program is the greatest.

Next I went to the new layout options for the score in C layout and unchecked Transposing layout in Players. Naturally I got all sorts of E-sharps, double-sharps, augmented-seconds and what not, which I expected. I got to work respelling chosen notes, with no worries.

At one point I realized I could split the window and see both layouts, just because I wanted to see the positioning of elements in my Transposed score and mimic them. That’s when I noticed that the respelling I was doing in the Score in C was also changing those same pitches in my Transposed score.

I didn’t expect that behavior. Incidentally I did try making a Custom layout score as well but this behaved exactly the same; that really surprised me. I can’t find a “switch” to flip and disengage the two layouts in any of the options, but the program is so deep maybe I just couldn’t find it. Is there such a thing? Or is there a better way than what I tried?

Thank you. New to Dorico and absolutely loving it!

If you respell in a score layout, it will respell automatically in all score layouts and all part layouts.
If you respell in a part layout, it will only respell in that specific layout.
Your best bet is to use a part layout for one of your “scores”. You can add as many players as you like to it, set it to use the Score Master Page Set (from within Layout Options), and obviously you can adjust other Layout Options to make it look like a score layout.

Sweet workaround! Thank you, oh grand senior member, I will do that. I guess I should have thought of it but I’m still glad I posted, if only just for the benefit of any other newbies who have the same question down the road and find this. This program involves a new way of thinking but in the end there is always good sense behind the design.


No problemmo, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: