Respelled Accidentals don't seem to save between layouts

For instance, if I am in one layout with 3 players, for example, and I respell accidentals for one instrument, and then I change to another layout which includes that same player which I respelled the accidentals for, the respelled accidentals for that instrument are not maintained!

Am I missing something here, or is this a bug? I am using Dorico 2.2.


If you respell in a score layout, it will respell everywhere. If you respell in a part layout, it will only respell in the part layout. This is by design - for transposing instruments it often makes sense to be able to respell in a part layout without affecting the © score layout. This is what I’d describe as a “gotcha” when it comes to non-transposing instruments, but it’s the way it works.

Thanks for your reply. That seemed to do the trick.

However, one thing I noticed is that if you respell the accidental in the part, but then go to score layout and respell it differently there, it does not override the initial respelling in the part. Perhaps this is intentional…?
Regardless, I don’t see this as a big issue.

It is indeed intentional: changes made in the part are specific to the part and will take precedence over a change later made in the score. However, there is at present no way to reset the spelling of a note in the part such that a change subsequently made in the score will take effect; this is something we plan to address in future. For now, deleting and recreating the note is the only way to do it.

Ok, thanks for the clarification!