Respelling chord symbols loses MIDI-input voicing

I would like to respell chord symbols (for instance, replace “D#” with its equivalent “Eb”), but by editing this in the Chord Symbol popover, I lose the specific voicing that I had entered with the MIDI keyboard.

I don’t see a way to manually enter the voicing (beyond using a MIDI controller). If I do enter with the MIDI controller, Dorico will choose the spelling of the chord symbol based on the context (key signature, etc.). This is usually fine but not always what I want for readability. And of course I could enter the specific voicings on their own player, but I like using the chord symbol playback feature.

I’m using Dorico Elements on Mac.

Does anyone have suggestions? See anything I’m missing? Or, if it makes sense, I’d love to request these features:

  • Respelling chord symbol via popover should not override MIDI-input voicings
  • Manual (non-MIDI) entry of chord symbol voicings (piano roll?)

Thank you!

Have you considered having Dorico generate chord data from the symbols before you adjust the enharmonics? It’s worth having a look if only on a copy of your file.)

Oh, good idea! That would certainly help with the “enter the specific voicings on their own player” workaround. I think the feature request still stands though.