Respelling chord symbols

is there a to spell just one chord with a click of a button without transposing the entire score?

In Sibelius, you just pick a chord and hit “enter”

for example, changing a Dbmaj7 to Ebmaj7

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can change/replace a chord symbol by selecting it, pressing Return to bring up the popover, changing the entry, then pressing Return again.

If you really do mean “respell” (like F# to Gb, which are enharmonic equivalents) for chord symbols that you want to be simpler for a transposing instrument, for instance, see here:

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Hi Lille
Thank you
I do mean “respell” enharmonic equivalents
so, if I understand correctly, there isn’t a way to do that without transposing the entire score?
that’s too bad, I think Dorico should have that option, the same way you can respell a note name with alt=

It was really helpful in sibelius

Open the chord symbol popover and replace D# with Eb. Yes, you have to do a little more typing than just hitting Enter but, unlike Sibelius, respelling one chord symbol respells that same chord symbol in all instruments that use that transposition.

There is no need to transpose the whole score.

That’s a lot more work than just hitting enter…

if I’m having a chart with just vocal line and chords in Cm and I transpose it to c# minor I need to go over all the E#dim and A#dim and change them one by one.
I recommend adding that, that could be very helpful! :slight_smile:
I’m sure Sibelius has that option for a reason…

Thanks for explaining your scenario.

If you’ll allow me to piggyback on your thread, here’s a related feature request: could we maybe have an option within the Transpose dialog to avoid remote accidentals in chord symbols? That way there’d be no need to respell these sorts of chord symbols manually.


The Transpose dialog does work on chord symbols. So you could avoid having to re-enter them by selecting the ones you want to change and transposing them up a diminished second. There’s even an interval calculator in the dialog, so you can just put in C♯ to D♭ and hit Apply.


Brilliant. This works with the popover too: Shift-i t-d2 or Shift-i td2

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