Respelling in Elements Bb minor not A# after transpose

I transposed a piece and Dorico Elements 3.5 shows it in A# minor. I’d like it to appear in Bb minor. If I use the key signature panel and change from 7 sharps to 5 flats, it changes the signature at the beginning of the staff but notes each of the pitches with accidentals, thereby keeping the music A#. Is it possible to write in Bb minor in elements 3.5? Would I have to re-enter the whole piece instead of transposing?

Don’t do it that way. Select the entire thing and use Write—Transpose and the interval calculator.

Thanks, but there is no interval. A# and Bb are the same note. It’s a “respelling” thing. I think it works in Dorico Pro, but don’t know whether I can do it in Elements 3.5.

Transpose augmented unison down ( to Am) and then minor second up

There is… If you put A# to Bb in the transpose dialogue, it will sort it for you.



Thank you to Dan Kreider, Carlovanderput and Toaster 1974. All 3 of these answers worked once I understood what they were saying to do. I’m still learning this stuff. This forum is awesome though.