Respelling tied notes

I thought I had read a similar post before, but I can’t find it any more. Sorry if this is a duplicate:

I have a piece in C minor where I’m trying to respell a note:

When I “Respell using note name above”, I get

How do I change the second c# to db? And why is there suddenly an auxiliary accidental on the C below? Or why wasn’t it there before?

EDIT: I fixed it by deleting the c# note (it was a single note, not two separate ones “tied” together with a legato tie, in case anyone was wondering), entering chord mode, adding a quarter db note and then extending it by a 16th. Now the resulting note behaves correctly when respelling it. Perhaps this is an issue with scores produced with older versions of Dorico (I had written the score in question using the very first release version)?

Pietzcker - your attachments are not showing (at least for me).

Strange - they’re hosted on imgur, is that site blocked for you?

I see the pictures perfectly

Was the C# originally entered with the tied-from and tied-to notes in separate voices, perhaps?