[RESPONDED] Save Player Template


i write sheetmusic for my brass band. We are always the same people. How can i save in Doric (2.2.10) my player selection as a template?
I don’t want to select, every time i write a new song, the players.

Just set up a score the way you like it, then save it somewhere safe as a copy. Delete any existing flows from that file and use it as a starter file (template) for any future projects.

A minor point, but I think he’s better off simply deleting all of the data in the flow, and leaving the flow intact. I think a project has to contain at least one flow. I don’t know if it’s possible to even delete all flows, but I think I read something on the form recently that delaying all flows would make the project crash.

Deleting all flows results in a situation whereby the Setup mode preview shows an empty white rectangle on the usual blue background: without any flows, Dorico can’t automatically generate any pages in any layouts. This is expected behaviour but it isn’t a crash.

Might be easiest to create a new flow and then delete the one(s) with music,; then save as a quasi-template.

Select all, delete. Easy enough. Then you’re also assured that the flow-dependent settings you’ve tweaked in Notation Options will remain.

Thanks for your answers. But a real possibility to save the template in the hub would be nice. Very sad!

While I agree that user-defined templates would be nice (and are certainly coming in time), for your needs what would a template do that the method above would not?

The hub is a bit more elegant and faster. I have more than on template. It is clearer. A file can be overwritten quickly

Well, not if you set it as “read-only.” That’s what I’ve done with my blank files.