Ressurection of iC Pro ? 2020

Hi there,
will IC Pro bekome a new release as current version still shows the wrong tempo and crashes very often.

Would be cool…


Yes please…

If only :frowning:

Also can we have the Android version we paid for back!!!


I can not understand why Steinberg are failing in this area and completely ignoring us.

Still. no reaction from heaquarters…

I need to concur, that is the one bit of programming/code that stays to be refreshed while all the other things is extremely adequate

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Come on steinberg get this app updated. It works but is far too clunky and needs an interface that can take advantage of the larger iPad Pro 12”

Also, maybe update the timeout connectivity bug so that the app doesn’t keep needing to be refreshed with the computer IP?

Does Steinberg have anything in their backlog to continue development of IC Pro? I’m just curious before I invest my time building a Metagrid tool.