Rest Appearance

I have learned to force the duration of a note, for example, making two quarter notes appear as a half note. However, I have not yet found a way to force the look, again for example, combining a half rest and quarter note into a dotted half. I am looking to clean up a score and parts.

Whether dotted rests are allowed is in Notation Options IIRC.

See here:

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Thank you. Does that also apply to combining two quarter note into a half rest or two half rests into a whole rest. It’s a 6/4 time signature and I have worked around the discrepancies in note appearance.

@Art51tra are you aware that you can control note and rest grouping without affecting the time signature’s appearance by entering the grouping pattern you want in the time signatures popover, inside square brackets? e.g. [2+2+2]/4 will input a 6/4 time signature, that’s grouped in three minims rather than two dotted minims.

Almost certainly a lot easier to use this in combination with Notation Options, rather than forcing the duration of individual notes and rests!

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Thank you. I have applied it as 1+1+1+1+1+1/4, but I have not used your suggested and will give it a go.

Good info!