Rest horizontal position

Hey there!
Is there any way to change the horizontal position of a rest if it is colliding with another voice, as well as it is automatically done with notes?

Dorico's example.png

Not yet.

Daniel’s last blog mentioned that the next update will have editable note spacing -

I’d imagine this would form part of that work, but I’m not certain.

Thank you! Yes, I already read that post, but what I wanted to know was if there exists an automatic solution.

Dorico doesn’t position that rest there by default, of course: it will instead place it above or below the other voices, depending on the staff position of the notes in the voice to which the rest belongs. And in general you should avoid moving a rest horizontally from its “proper” position, but you will be able to apply a graphical offset to rests (though possibly not bar rests) if need be in the next update.