Rest ignored in condensing - bug?

This picture is the original two clarinet staves. Measure 40 is the one to look at.

The condensed score leaves out the rest on beat 2.

I’ve made sure both parts are voice 1, stems up.

Where condensing is concerned the project itself is almost always a necessary upload. Feel free to cut it down to just the relevant system/phrase, as per the (fourth) simple guideline.

Why is the first note of measure 2 a single stem in the condensed version when everything around it uses separate stems for the two instruments? TI could be wrong, but that does not look like something Dorico would do automatically.

OT, but what’s coming before the triplets at the end of m37? It seems like those should be stems up.

That’s what dorico is giving me automatically. I have made changes in the notation options to the condensing settings. There’s an option to show both parts on one stem except when the rhythm differs. I’m still learning the program and am trying different condensing options to see what I like and ran across this issue. CORRECTION: I have the condensing settings set to show stems up on the top part, stems down on lower part, even if in unison.

Two quarter notes.

I’ll upload a portion of the piece later today.

Just curious. Out of context most people I assume would consider those triplets to be incorrectly notated, but if they are in the middle of a passage that’s all stems down, some would say it’s ok. (I would almost certainly use stems up there regardless of context.)

They do look odd to me too. I personally like all individual notes on the third line and above stems down regardless of context and have that option selected in one of the settings options. But even so I think in this case I’d use stems up too. I’ve only just imported the music from an xml and not done any of the more cosmetic editing. I need to check my xml import options to see if maybe I’ve set an option that causes this to happen.

Attached is the section in question. Hopefully I’ve not chopped out too much of it.
Condensing_issue.dorico (600.9 KB)

Thank you for the sample. I have no idea why the problem occurs, but if you select the first note of measure 40 in Engrave mode and apply a Condensing Change, the eighth rest appears.

Thanks for then condensing change idea. Right now I’m just importing a bunch of xml files so I’ve not gone back to try various options. I’ve have tried condensing changes on other scores with great success. Besides the missing 8th note rest, why the lower voice on beat one isn’t stems down is also curious.

I notice that some of the specifications requested in Notation Options do not seem to affect the way condensing shows the result, while others do. Not sure why.