Rest in Cello part not showing


Can anyone tell me why the rest in the cellos bars are invisible?
Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 10.37.07 AM.png
Thank you!

Did you perhaps inadvertently remove it via Edit > Remove Rests at some point?

Find the previous note or rest that appears on the cello staff, select it, and have a look in the Properties panel: is the ‘Ends voice’ property set? If so, try unsetting it.

Great advise Daniel! It worked!

Yet again to my rescue… thank you so much for your quick response!

Hi Daniel,

So sorry to bother you again.

But I cannot seem to get the rest to show again in the cello part. This time in the very first bar.

Your original advise does not see to be working. :frowning: Unless I am missing something…

I have taken another screen shot to help understand what may be going wrong.

Thank you so much!
Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 1.55.02 PM.png

If you go to the Bars and Barlines panel on the right and do Insert Bar Rest, does it work?

Thank you…

I just tried it then and no luck… Any other thoughts?

I really appreciate your help.
Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.17.23 PM.png

Select the first quarter rest in the second bar of the cello staff, and see if the ‘Starts voice’ property is set: if it is, try switching it off.

Thanks Daniel,

I tried this and still it did not fix it… here is evidence
Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.32.56 PM.png
Any other suggestions?

BTW, did you invoke the caret in the bar Before you tried Insert bar rest?

Thank you

But the issue is the FIRST bar that has no life in it for the caret to work…Because there is not even a rest for it to catch on to…

The caret works in this fashion for the SECOND bar, but I can’t get any activity in my first bar…

Ok, so when the caret is in the 2nd bar you’re not able to back into bar 1… If you insert a bar and enter the time sign again there, are you able to delete the first bar (shift-B/-1) ?

I just did this then and here is the result…

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.59.06 PM.png
Any other thoughts?

Could you upload the file here? Maybe just the first few bars that exhibits the problem…

Amanda, just email the file to me and I’m sure I’ll be able to fix it for you.

Thank you Daniel!

Frank had also kindly offered to look over my file and it he discovered the issue…

It turns out there was a box selected in Layout options - PLAYERS with BARS and RESTS and the SHOW BAR RESTS in empty bars was selected - and should not have been on.

Learning SO much!

Thank you Daniel. Always appreciated …

or rather, it was off and should have been on :slight_smile: