Rest missing on stave Glock+drum


When I group the glock and the drum set on the same staff the rest disappears. I can’t find a solution.

Can you help me? Thank you very much.


The reason is because those two instruments are being held by the same player. You need to move one instrument to a new player in setup mode to remove the instrument change.

Assuming you want these instruments to be held by the same player, you can add explicit rests as discussed here:

Thank you for your answer, but I don’t understand what you mean. I create a glock player then a drum player. I write the music in each of them and then I put them together by dragging one into the other in setup mode to have only one staff. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you pianoleo our messages crossed during my answer to dankreiker. It’s just perfect.
Thank you both.


Pianoleo, I spoke too soon! In fact I can’t manage to write an explicit silence in the drumset part.
While I don’t have a problem for the others. Am I doing something wrong?

Can’t you put explicit rests on the pitcher instruments though? Your example shows you switching from a pitched instrument to an unpitched instrument…

Yes I can, but in this case it is the breve rest before the cymbal that I cannot transform into explicit silence.
And I feel like that’s what’s causing the problem.

Can you put an explicit rest on any instrument held by that player, at that location? You might need to hide some instrument change labels, but at least that way you’d end up with the correct number of beats in the bar.

No, I can’t force silence in the drumset part. They are all implicit and I can’t make them explicit. Tant pis.
Thanks pianoleo for your advice and your patience.

Please see this earlier post.

Thank you Daniel it’s working and it’s the same manipulation as for the “tone change” of my last request.
Finally for this particular case my real question is: is it possible to force explicit silences in drumset parts?
Thank you for your dedication and patience. Dorico is really a great software made by great people.

(I hope the translation respects my thought)

You cannot create explicit rests on percussion kits at the moment; provided you’re using individual single-line percussion instruments, everything is normal, but as soon as you have a percussion kit, you can’t manipulate rests directly. This is certainly something we intend to change in future.

Thank you Daniel for the answer and the clarifications. It’s already working very well.