Rest not hideable – not even with the color parameter set to 0

In a figure like the one shown in the screenshot, the rest is not hideable. I assume it is related to a “beam over rest” rule, but I do not understand why it is not even possible to set its opacity to 0. What am I missing?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-27 um 10.38.12

Please define “is not hideable”.
It hides just fine here:

Hiding the rest does indeed mean that the two eighths/quavers become unbeamed, but that can easily be rectified with right-click > Beaming > Beam Together.
Setting opacity here seems to work fine, too, though it’s unnecessary in this case.

If this is a project-specific problem, we’ll need to see the project.

Interesting!!! Did you set the color’s opacity to 0? Or what did you do?
(I might have a voice problem…)

No. I used Edit > Remove Rests.

I’ll re-edit this passage. If the problem still occurs, I will report back and send you the project file.
For now thank you very much for your help, @pianoleo !

This might be obvious and gratuitous, but I’ve made this mistake several times: I’ve tried to remove rests while inadvertently in engrave mode (I have a key command set up for it).

Thanks for all your feedbacks! Eventually I entered the music anew and now it works as expected. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was (maybe a combination of XML import, voice chaos and my inexperience with Dorico).