Rest note Spacing?

Hi there
I’m a Sibelius user. And now I’m moving to dorico 3.5 pro

In Sibelius, I do rest note space after i wrote my music.

Dose dorico do that automatically? Or there a something similar ?

Dorico does that automatically. There’s a Note Spacing mode within Engrave mode that will let you manually adjust note spacing if necessary.

Thank you it’s sow amazing, side question, How can rest all staff spacing?

Same deal. Set the rules in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing to suit your purposes. Then use the Staff Spacing mode in the left panel of Engrave mode if and when you need it.

Other question please, How can I hide these after I make a change it shows up.

View > Signposts > Bracket and Barline Changes (untick).

You can also change the default bracket/bracing in Layout Options. The change in your picture is a change to the staff grouping that applies until the end of the flow or the next staff grouping change.